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Nuestra película, noticia en EE.UU. Publicación en Dread Central, "el termómetro" del cine de terror mundial.

In Argentina They Can't Scream

By Uncle Creepy
March 10th, 2011

Another foreign import is heading our way from director Orange Cavalcante da Silva and Vindicta Films, and we have the first bit of artwork and images for you!

From the Press Release

“THEY CAN’T SCREAM” is a new horror feature film directed by Orange Cavalcante da Silva and produced by Vindicta Films.
It is an Argentine-Brazilian co-production.
“The story is about a young biologist who travels with a few colleagues to the Amazonian rainforest in search of medicinal herbs for their research works. With the help of a local guide, they get into the rainforest on a ship. During the voyage the scientists find some people practicing zoophilia to a freshwater dolphin, known as ‘boto cor de rosa’. The scientists, horrified at the situation, tried to stop the act, without imagining that their lives were hanging by a thread.”
The movie is based on a true story, an usual practice from Amazonas based on the capture and killing of freshwater dolphins for drug production, amulets, zoophilia and religious rituals.
In the screenplay as well as in the direction, we have the Brazilian Orange Cavalcante da Silva, coming from Amazonas, while the production manager is the Argentinian Guillermo Martinez, coming from La Plata (Buenos Aires).
Taking as main events facts that take place in Amazonas, the movie – made as a mock documentary – has as its basis the “shock exploitation” films to show the rawness of the events, and thus guaranteeing an explicit treatment, not due to the horror itself, but to the search to drag reality closer and shake the audience through it: the dolphin slaughter, drug production, religious rituals and zoophilic acts.
The movie has been controversial in Latin America and Europe because it deals with a topic involving the capture, slaughter and zoophilia with freshwater dolphins happening nowadays in the Amazonian rainforest. Besides, the movie deals with the realism of extreme and harsh scenes of violation, nakedness, persecutions and tortures, for which the movie becomes one of the most expected and, according to authorized critics, “original from every perspective”.
The flick is on schedule to wrap on March 28th, 2011. For more dig on the Vindicta Films blog and follow Vindicta Films on Twitter.

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