martes, 28 de junio de 2011

En REINO UNIDO, también se está hablando del estreno del primer trailer de nuestra película.

They Can't Scream trailer brings brutal violence.

Check out this rather vicious trailer for Argentinian horror They Can’t Scream (Ellos No Pueden Gritar). The trailer gives away very little plot apart from the fact people seem to be getting brutally killed off or tortured in the Amazon jungle. The film is made documentary style and looks extremely nasty and, in places, reminded me of the classic Cannibal Holocaust. There is no UK release date available yet, but here is the synopsis:

The story is about a young biologist who travels with a few colleagues to the Amazonian rainforest in search of medicinal herbs for their research works. With the help of a local guide, they get into the rainforest on a ship. During the voyage, the scientist’s party finds some people practicing zoophilia to a freshwater dolphin, known as ‘boto cor de rosa’. The scientists, horrified at the situation, try to stop the act, without imagining that their lives are hanging by a thread.

By Matt Wavish

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